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Garmin Vivosmart HR+ Review – activity tracker with GPS for running

Watch Review: Vivosmart HR+

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With the introduction of Garmin Vivosmart HR+, track activity with an accurate heart rate monitor through the use of GPS. Compared to other options on the market, the Vivosmart HR+ starts at a fair price point. With less of a focus on being fancy and more on functionality.


  • Quick setup, even for those that aren’t technologically savvy
  • Being a fitness tracker more than any other product
  • An accurate GPS with other measurements including an accelerometer, barometric altimeter, and a heart-rate monitor
  • Waterproof up to 50 meters in depth
  • Potentially the most durable fitness trackers on the market
  • Touch-enabled screen which responds to the slightest touch
  • Get smart notifications to the watch
  • An affordable price point for nearly every budget
  • Modes for running, cardio, and ‘other’ tracking
  • Notifications to motivate a user to get moving


  • Less stylish than other options on the market
  • A focus on activity tracking rather than looking like a watch
  • No access to the Connect IQ store
  • The tracker has so many functions; it gets tough to learn its uses
  • Slightly chunkier on the wrist than other trackers
  • Tracking of sleep patterns isn’t as good as other product offerings
  • Less robust multisport options than other products
  • No dedicated modes for swimming or cycling

Who should buy the Garmin Vivosmart HR+?

The ideal user for this product includes an active person with interest in his or her numbers. Unlike the Vivosmart HR, the Plus version of the watch includes GPS. This added element of tracking through GPS records distance, route difficulty, and stores miles for future use. The watch works for sports enthusiasts and follows the design specifications of a standard activity tracker. Other ideal users of this product are:

The Vivosmart HR+ is perfect for:

  • Users looking to wear an activity tracker 24/7 without worrying about waterproofing.
  • Athletes interested in the added aspect of GPS tracking on monitoring.
  • People that want a fitness band that also functions as a watch.
  • Casual athletes looking for comprehensive workout records.
  • Regular exercisers not necessarily training for a large athletic event but simply working on self-improvement.
  • People that like the look of a fitness band rather than that of a watch.
  • Users looking for motivation and healthy tips from a useful smartwatch.
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Distinct features available with the Vivosmart HR+

Do not compromise on features when it comes to Garmin Vivosmart HR+. The brand spends time getting to know its customer base and determining what features should be added in future iterations.

Some of the most distinct features available with this smartwatch include:

Extended Battery Life:

This activity tracker doubling as a smartwatch lasts for a five-day battery life. Of course, battery life is lower when using GPS actively. Users need to charge this product less than other options on the market.

Wear the Watch 24/7:

It is one of the few trackers available that is waterproof and designed to survive wear on the wrist 24/7. A user shouldn’t need to worry about technology when going about his or her daily life.

Move IQ:

Proprietary to Garmin products, Move IQ automatically tracks movement without the users requiring the start of a timed activity. This includes sports like walking, running, biking, swimming, and elliptical training.

GPS Tracking:

Event tracking is more precise with the implementation of GPS, which is why Garmin added it. GPS helps with exact data including distance traveled, speed, and location (even when under trees or running through dense areas).

Smart Notifications:

This isn’t just an activity tracker; it allows for notifications to be sent to the watch. From text messages to email notifications, users get a smartwatch and an activity tracker in just one product. Many users find its information systems are just as good as the top watches on the market.

Safety Features:

Download options with safety features to help stay comfortable when outdoors. The GPS on this device allows for a friend to see location when running or exercising outdoors. Feel safer wearing an activity tracker!

garmin vivosmart hr plus

A necessary piece of technology to your lifestyle

Why not take advantage of a 2-in-1 activity tracker and smartwatch? This product allows for an individual to properly track his or her progress, gives access to information previously not available, and serves as a functional smartwatch along the way. Wear this watch all day without needing to take it off for water activities.

Make a positive change with the addition of a Vivosmart HR+ to a daily routine. Look no further than this product when searching for a smartwatch also functioning as an activity tracker.

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