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Watch Review: Vivofit 3

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Are you ready to enter the world of fitness trackers without breaking the bank? Garmin is now on its third version of the Garmin Vivofit and has updated the product with every new release. With the Vivofit 3, Garmin has streamlined the look of the tracker, decreased its weight, and kept the price point low.

Get access to activity tracking and detailed data by investing in a premium product at a fair price. For users that don’t need all of the bells and whistles but still want power at their fingertips, the Garmin Vivofit 3 is the right option.


  • A one-year battery life with no need to charge the monitor
  • Water resistant to up to 50 meters of depth
  • Interchangeable watch bands to suit personal sense of style
  • Remove the watchband to place the device in a belt clip for running and exercise
  • Affordable price point for the majority of users
  • Made by a company dedicated to innovation and feature updates
  • Use of the Garmin Connect Mobile App
  • Scroll through time, date, number of steps, steps remaining to a set goal, distance traveled, and minutes of activity
  • One button on the watch makes it easy to use
  • Add a “move bar” based on step goals to quickly glance down and track progress


  • No heart rate monitoring, which is available with some other products
  • No vibrations and smart monitoring alerts
  • It is not possible to set up alarms on the Garmin mobile application
  • The activity monitor sticks to the basics of tracking and isn’t full of features like other high-end products

Features worth taking notice of before purchasing:

What makes this watch stand out from the competition? Users select this option compared to all others on the market because of the features that make it stand out. In fact, it beats out some of the highest sellers on the market because of its superior features and innovation. Noteworthy features include:

Durable Wristband:

Garmin created a durable wristband meant to be worn for extended periods of time. When other materials crack, break, and bend, their products stand the test of time.

Move IQ:

The third version of this activity tracker automatically detects movement and activities. It is comfortable to wear 24/7 and tracks transitions into various types of activity. There is no need to set the watch to exercise or any other situation because it detects movement.

Interchangeable Bands:

Purchase bands to show off personal style and interchange them with the Vivofit 3 watch face. There are fun designs in bright colors, darker shades, and more. There are even accessory bands created by Jonathan Adler, a world-famous designer of clothing and accessories.

The Garmin Connect Mobile App:

With constant updates and concise measurements, the Garmin Connect Mobile App provides simple charts, graphs, and maps to show levels of progress and goal achievement. Users rave about the beauty of this app as well as the motivating factor of using it.

Changes added with this version of the Vivofit

The Garmin Vivofit 3 comes with more features and options than a previous version. Compared to the first Vivofit, this activity tracker comes with a “move bar” with audible alert, auto sync with a phone or the Garmin Connect Mobile App, and a backlit display. Since the second version of the product, the addition of intensity minutes and Move IQ has been made.

Who can use the Vivofit 3?

The Garmin Vivofit 3 is a highly useful product to use in everyday life. An activity tracker complements the lifestyle of a person with any level of athletic ability. Some typical users of this product include a young professional looking to reach step goals and exercise more, a runner seeking to develop his speed and athletic abilities through a series of goal setting, and a person trying to improve his or her health by implementing an activity tracking routine. This is not a large product, so it does not cause issues with weight around the wrist. Just glance down at the screen to see the digital time, progress on the move bar, and one metric selected and personalized by the user.

Look no further than Vivofit 3

Take a step in the right direction with the purchase of a Garmin Vivofit 3. This affordable purchase is an excellent way to get started in fitness and activity tracking. Look no further than this activity tracker to serve as an elegant solution which meets your needs and motivates you to get going. You don’t need all the bells and whistles; you just need the essentials of activity tracking.

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